Advocate Now!

Here are 3 things that you can do right now to help #stophATTRnow:

  1. Email your provincial elected representative – quick!
  2. Tweet to decision makers – really quick!
  3. Meet your provincial elected representative – takes a little longer, but worth it if you have the time!

Once you’ve taken action,

  1. Share with your social network and ask for their help.

If you did #1 or #3 above,

  1. Follow up with your provincial elected representative, if you haven’t heard back yet

We are so grateful for your help! Let us know how your advocacy efforts went by contacting us at the bottom of the page. Definitely let us know if you would like to be part of our ongoing efforts advocating to #stophATTRnow in Canada. We welcome your engagement!


We want to hear from you!!

We hope you will join our advocacy efforts by using the tools on this website. Please reach out to Hereditary Amyloidosis Canada (HAC) with any questions about our work, to share your hATTR amyloidosis stories, or to tell us how we can make this site even better.

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